It was a lovely day in 2005 when during a visit to the French Pyrenees, a friend showed me this  beautiful mountain by the name of Roquefixade. We climbed the high cliff all the way to the top, where the remains of a former Cathar castle are. From the moment we entered the “castle”, I fell instantly in love with this place and its extraordinary kind and mild energy. Here I should like to build a house, I thought.


In the years that followed, I visited Roquefixade castle again and again, every time discovering and learning more about this very fine place. But before that. Before you actually enter the castle, you come to a kind of small meadow. To me a very special place of particular peacefulness. The sound of cow bells from the surrounding hill sides. Three or four different tones in a seemingly random rythm. Music. To me beautiful music. Calming and timeless. And listening very carefully it would slowly transform into another kind of music. Violins. Flute. And  a wonderful festive feeling. Twirling and dancing and laughing. So blessed. So nice. Then I fell silent. Overwhelmed by the sheer magnificence. Alas I haven´t been there for some years now. The last time I visited the area in 2010, it was snowing too much. Strange. I had so much looked forward to revisiting “my” Roquefixade. But things always happen for a very precise reason down there.


At a time, I practically lived in that castle. A little bit further down in the upper part of the valley in a small camper in the garden of some friends. Today I found a small painting made while staying there – the dancing mountain … Dear friend! Come and visit me in my atelier. I too am situated “on top of a hill”, so you will feel quite at home. Then we can dance together again …












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